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TrayMenu by Wei Ke lets you create cascading menus from one or more tray icons. I've used it to create a start menu replacement which displayed customized icons for folders and allowed grouping / ordering without MS IE4.

Note -- 2002-11-04: Wei Ke's domain www.iglyph.com was taken over by a domain broker ; no current working email contacts are known for the author ; no archived versions of iglyph can be viewed at archive.org [Thanks to Will for pointing this out!]

Defunct URL for TrayMenu: http://www.iglyph.com/free.htm
Defunct URL for Wei Ke: http://www.iglyph.com/
Non-responding Email addresses for Wei Ke: ke_wei@geocities.com, zhkw@pub.zhuhai.gd.cn

An old Home Page of Wei Ke's can be viewed at: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/8162/

Note -- 2002-12-25: Thanks to John Spence for supplying the copy of version 2.0.2-beta

Note -- 2002-12-20: Will reports a bug in TrayMenu running under Windows XP: "when I tried [TrayMenu under XP], it added a ton of useless blank space off to the left of the icons in the task tray". No known fixes or workarounds.

Archived versions (Newest to oldest)

from .EXE
Version from original
.ZIP filename
DownloadOriginal filenameNotes
2.0.2 Build 3513 (Beta)2.0.2traymenu-202beta.zip (116 Kbyte) Supplied by John Spence
Distributed under GPL
2.0.1 Build 33202.0.1traymenu-201.zip (110 Kbyte)trmn201.zipSupplied by Will
Distributed under GPL
From defunct iglyph.com
Identical to ftp://ftp.listsoft.ru/pub/212/trmn201.zip
traymenu-201-source-code.zip (218 Kbyte)trmn201s.zipFrom ftp://ftp.listsoft.ru/pub/212/trmn201s.zip
Distributed under GPL (79 Kbyte)trmn133.zipSupplied by Will
From defunct iglyph.com -- Dated 1998-10-08 (78 Kbyte)trmn133.zipSupplied by Will
From defunct iglyph.com -- Dated 1998-08-30 (70 Kbyte)trmn132.zipSupplied by Will
From defunct iglyph.com page
Identical to http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/8162/trmn132.zip

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