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My Exciting Bike Stack (1995)

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(Wed May 24, 1995) -

What happened

I had a rather nasty accident on my bicycle this afternoon whilst going downhill (Science Rd) and encountering a speed bump which didn't register until too late. This gives new meaning to the expression surfing the highway - unfortunately I did it with my face and lost 1.5 front incisors, got 5 assorted stitches and will be sporting some interesting scars for the rest of my life :-). Both hands are abraded to various extents (the ring finger nail should eventually grow back!). All in all it's not a pretty sight, but I'm stuffed full of pain killers as I type.

I had imagined hospitals to be full of nice, sympathetic people - this was the first time I'd been to a hospital for treatment. They're actually full of nice, cynical people who (eventually) make you comfortable and then remark, "You fell off your bike? That was a bit bloody stupid, eh?"

Update (June 8): 2 weeks later. Feeling and looking mostly recovered - certainly a lot better than in the photos below! Riding my bicycle again; the old helmet, which did take some damage, has been retired, complete with the original blood-stains intact. The only problem facing me in the short term is shaving.

Update (July 7): About a week after the last update I got glandular fever. After 3 weeks of headaches, sweats & nausea + a week with a massively swollen, ulcerated throat, I'm feeling my usual sub-human self again.

Gory pictures

I didn't look too happy soon after getting back from the hospital. A few days later I was over in the Wentworth Building, looking much better.

Things Which Didn't Work Well For A While

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