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- Fred's Diary - 2003 Dec 11

[Talk: Building Social Justice - How To Save Indonesia's Forests]

Talk: Building Social Justice - How To Save Indonesia's Forests

[7pm, Tap Gallery, Level 1, 278 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst]
[Talk arranged by Mineral Policy Institute]
[These are my paraphrased notes from the talk, not direct quotes -- Fred]

1st Speaker: Longgena Ginting, veteran forests campaigner and Director of Indonesia.s Forum for the Environment (WALHI - Friends of the Earth Indonesia)

2nd Speaker: Patrick Anderson, campaign adviser to WALHI

Questions following talk

On a more positive note, after Suharto's fall the NGOs arose and are attacking corruption ; laws passed in Suharto & prior eras are widely regarded as needing reform ; (ammendments made to the constitution enshrining rights) and (a parliamentary decree about use of natural resources) form a legal basis for change.

[Comments about success in asking questions during BHP shareholders AGM]

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