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G.O.D. '97

During the course of our residence in Chippendale, we received a mysterious invitation to an illicit gathering of unrepentant bohemians in Leichhardt, the theme being "Growing Old Disgracefully". Although dubious about the whole affair, we concluded that declining the invitation would arouse suspicion. Packing our undetectably small surveillance gear, we investigated.


Needless to say, it was crucial that we mingle as naturally as possible in with the other attendees. - Diane disguised herself with immense flair, but - Fred's preparations unfortunately resulted in - permanent disfigurement.


Arriving with - our offering, we were soon ushered into the presence of the - fiendish mastermind behind the whole affair, her - second-in-command and her - cabinet of iniquity. Our cover was about to be blown during interrogation from the - ministry of ideological soundness when a fortunate distraction occurred - the arrival of a - messenger with urgent news, allowing us to escape and plant subliminal seeds of reform with an - aspiring usurper.

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