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ABC News, 18th Nov 2000 [Original URL: http://www.abc.net.au/news/newslink/nat/newsnat-18nov2000-19.htm]

Study shows patient harassment reduces cholesterol

An Australian study has found constantly harassing heart disease patients may help keep their cholesterol levels down.

The study conducted in six Melbourne hospitals involved a nurse or dietitian regularly ringing patients during the six months after surgery for heart disease.

St Vincents' Hospital dietitian Margarite Vale says the coached group had significantly lower cholesterol than the control group.

Ms Vale says coaching postoperative patients is a turn around for the medical profession.

"In the health system, the patient has to take the initiative to make an appointment, to turn up to the appointment and to see doctors," Ms Vale said.

"In this case the patient was contacted and harassed to check their cholesterol, to know what their cholesterol level is, to know the target for their cholesterol and to reduce it to the target level."

ABC News - 7th Sep 2000 [Original URL - http://abc.net.au/news/newslink/nat/newsnat-7sep2000-56.htm]

'Olympics-free zone' declared in Walhalla

The historic Victorian gold mining township of Walhalla will be swimming against the tide when the Olympic Games officially open next week.

Local businesses have declared themselves an Olympics-free zone for the duration of the Olympics, offering a haven for those already wearied by the build-up to the Games.

Walhalla and Mountain Rivers Tourism Association president Michael Leaney says all discussion of the Games will be taboo in buildings declared Olympics-free zones.

"It's a bit like when you walk in the door of, say, a smoke-free zone, there'll be a symbol on the door which will have Olympic rings circled with a line through it and denotes you're entering an Olympics-free zone," he said.

"When you're in there, basically you're asked to refrain from talks about the Olympics or having any discussions about it."

ABC News - 7 Oct 1997 [Original URL: http://abc.net.au/local/news/97/10/07/971007_18.htm]

Pipe smoking titles a cliffhanger

The Italian Corsellini Pipe Association's A-team has won the eighth world pipe smokers' championship in a nail-biting finish in the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

The team continued puffing for a combined time of seven hours, 17 minutes and 12 seconds.

Contest organisers say the five-member Italian team was slowest to send up in smoke their allotted five pipe-loads of three grams of tobacco - using just two matches each - making them this year's champions.

The team results are compiled from the combined times of the five team members.

Hungarian lawyer Zsolt Zsakai became individual pipe puffing world champion this year with a time of two hours, 38 minutes and 16 seconds.

The championships hosted 39 teams, with 170 participants from 10 countries.

ABC News - 1999 [Exact date? URL? Headline?]

Dame Edna and her Ballistic Gladioli

A fan is suing Dame Edna Everage after allegedly being hit in the eye with a flying gladioli. Music teacher Gary May says he was off work for three days because of the flower and is claiming £16,000 for lost earnings and medical bills. Mr May, 50, also claims he has suffered impaired vision, pain, shock, nervous anxiety and depression after the incident in the dress circle of Melbourne's Princess theatre.

His lawyer Eugene Arocca said Dame Edna, aka Australian comic Barry Humphries, had "perfected the technique" of flinging gladioli up to 40ft into the audience. Humphries' lawyers have denied liability.

ABC News - 12 May 2000 [Exact URL?]

English village asks what's in a name?

- It may not be the sort of address most people would want, but a group of English villagers has turned down a proposal to rename Cowshit Lane. The name stirred controversy when the village of Golant, in south-west England, decided to have a map drawn up for visitors. Local council chairman Alistair Barr says some people have suggested renaming it Cowslip Lane, which he did not agree with. Douglas Cooper, Mr Barr's predecessor as chairman, says he lives in Cowshit Lane so he can put it on his headed notepaper.

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