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Column 8 - 1995

[Items appearing in Column 8 in The Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper]

20 Sep 1995
  • Another new use for the SMH. At 5 am yesterday, reception staff at the Novotel Sydney at Darling Harbour saw a nude man holding that day's Herald strategically in front of him coming up the escalator from the ground floor. He sashayed over to the desk and told his story - he'd been locked out of his room, so he'd picked up a copy of the Herald from the hall and walked down the fire stairs.

    The first exit was the ground floor, so he calmly walked out, then up the escalator to the first floor reception. Issued with a new key by straight-faced staff, he went back to his room, we hope to read his paper. Luckily it was not Another Newspaper, which, as a tabloid, would have provided only half the cover.

24 Oct 1995
  • And in response to our request for chat show titles to rival those dished up in the nightmare world of daytime television. Anothony Dockrill suggests:
    • I Invested in Waterworld. Now My Wife Won't Have Sex With Me Until It Makes A Profit.
    • I Donated Sperm But Now I Want It Back.
    • My Husband's Dandruff Ruined My Chances Of A Promotion.

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