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- Fans of Weirdness - 6th Oct 2000

We have a law firm here, Pinsky, Barns, Watson, Coumo
and Hinnerman. They fired their secretary for answering the
phone, "Good morning, a bunch of lawyers."
Newsgroups: alt.shenanigans
Subject: Re: Comical test answers
The homework was due and I hadn't the faintest idea how to
answer a "what would happen if" question so I put that it would
cause small children to burst into flame. The returned homework
had a check by the answer and got full credit.
Newsgroups: rec.music.celtic
Subject: Re: Flute Question

[... discussion whether oiling wooden flutes prevented cracks ...]
I've been told just don't use olive oil, because it makes the
instrument smell like a deceased pizza when you play.
Newsgroups: alt.shenanigans

This reminds me of going to Thailand. In the airport they had
two lines for customs - domestic and foreigners. They
couldn't get the Americans to walk through the foreigners line,
so they finally made a third that said "Americans".
We're silly that way. ;)

Newsgroups: sci.math,rec.puzzles
Subject: Re: Math Riddle!

> > I can't think of any number that is used as a name.
> [...] Octavius means 8th, Decimus means 10th,
> Vicesimus means 20th.

A story I read when I was young featured an octopus who
was named after the battle at Stiklestad in year 1030. It was
called 1030.25; 1030 was its first number and .25 its
family number... :-)

Postscript - A post on alt.sysadmin.recovery reveals the following:

Oh, there is this children's book called Ruffen. Ruffen is a sea-serpent,
and one of his friends is an octopus called 1030. He is named after the
Battle of Stiklestad. So when I got my cactus, and found out I had to
name it, I named it 1855. It is not a year. I am working in the abuse
department. That should be enough of a hint.

I'm guessing 19:00 is your quitting time, and so obviously 18:55 on
Friday is when the lusers call with the problem [...]
Sorry, no cigar. A hint: Which RFC is dealing with netiquette?
The Ruffen books (in Norwegian) by Tor Åge Bringsværd, Illustrations by Tore Hansen:

Ruffen - sjøormen som ikke kunne svømme, Den Norske Bokklubben 1973
Ruffen på nye eventyr, Den Norske Bokklubben 1975
Ruffen og den flyvende hollender, Den Norske Bokklubben 1982

Cartoon: - Don't talk to strangers - from When the Martians Land
in Huddersfield
by Mike Harding, Arrow Books, 1984. Mike Harding is
also the author of The Armchair Anarchist's Almanac.

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