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- Fans of Weirdness - 30th Apr 2001

Newsgroups: sci.lang.japan | Subject: Re: Are there white page phone directories in Japan?

In the Australian external territory of Norfolk island, there is
rather a shortage of distinct surnames [historical reasons]. So
[apparently] the White Pages is sorted by nickname...

Newsgroups: alt.shenanigans,sci.physics | Subject: Re: LED flashlight

My $5 laser pointer drove my dog crazy, but my cat could have
cared less (he reacted to the spot just enough to let me know
he saw it, then was bored).

Newsgroups: sci.math | Subject: Re: Apparent Size of the Moon

[A full moon looks bigger near the horizon]
>Indeed, and it appears that can easily be verified. Stand with your
>back to the moon, bend over and look at it between your legs. The
>illusion disappears.

Congratulations on your serendipitous discovery. It pays to keep your
eyes open no matter what you're doing.

"It seems that doing it yourself can actually be bad for your health.
Neurosurgeon John Liddell warned about the dangers of 'DIY' at a
forum on brain surgery in Hobart last week." -- Sun-Herald, 3 Dec 2000 p.16

[Sadly (from the weirdness point of view) the topic was
household DIY head injuries, not DIY brain surgery.]

Newsgroups: sci.physics,alt.zen | Subject: Re: Do Photons Have Mass?

Photons are sometimes totalitarian unless their wave properties get
in the way; then they look more like organized anarchists. Unless
the particle properties get in the way; then they look more like subversives
trying to dig tunnels under state lines unless they get entangled in
barbed wire and set off the alarms.

Photons lead tough, uncertain lives and get no respect.

... you thought televised parliament was viscious? ...

Newsgroups: sci.physics | Subject: Re: Perfect circles with: f = ma = m[v^2/r] = 2ms/t^2

> > Your mathematical abilities approximate those of an epileptic sea urchin.
> > Ever heard of something called a limit, bozo? Or calculus, for that matter?
> Of course I've heard of them: Are you some kind of nerd? Unlike you I've
> studied them.

And that time was clearly wasted. You know, most people at your level of
ignorance keep this fact to themselves.

> No matter how small you make a vector triangle it will never
> point to the circle's center:

No matter how small we make a thimble, your brain will still fit nicely within it.

- Dave Barry's comments (including using the frog levitation
technique to getting children out of bed on school mornings) on the
University of Nijmegen's Flying Frog experiments

Cartoon: - Illustration from Backstage Lensman, a parody by Ron Goulart in Analog, June 1978

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