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- Microsoft Forlorn

(see also: Programming Humour)

A collection of humour and quotes
inspired by The Evil Empire ®

{forlorn: (a) desperate, hopeless, abandoned, forsaken, in pitiful condition, of wretched appearance ...

-- The Oxford Concise Dictionary

Former Microsoft employees on the streets of Seattle by Rod Van Mechelen
Only Microsoft could come up with the following Zen diagnostic message, more appropriate for a fortune cookie than a computer:

For more windows wisdom, see www.dialogboxes.com's weird dialogs

From Raven's Memorable Quotes from Alt.Sysadmin.Recovery:

... More quotes from alt.sysadmin.recovery in - Programming Humour and - Computing Quotes

[Thanks to Raf for pointing this one out]
From http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;276304:

There's no such thing as a Windows expert. There's only "I can flail around in the dark better than you can".

-- From A slashdot discussion


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