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- Science Quotes

From The Artful Universe by John D. Barrow (Oxford University Press, 1995):

From At Home In The Universe - The Search for Laws of Complexity by Stuart Kauffman (Penguin Books, 1995):

From Michael White, Leonardo, The First Scientist:

From Genius : The Life and Science of Richard Feynman by James Gleick

Quotes from "Strange Brains and Genius - The Secret Life of Eccentric Scientists and Madmen" by Clifford A. Pickover, 1998, Plenum Press, NY:

Quotes from Faster by James Gleick:

From Stephen Jay Gould, The Lying Stones of Marakech:

From Dawkins vs. Gould by Kim Sterelny:

From Hal Hellman, Great Feuds in Science:

From Edmund Blair Bolles, Galileo's Commandment - 2500 Years of Great Science Writing:

From David Ruelle, Chance and Chaos:

From John Emsley, The Shocking History of Phosphorus:

From John D. Barrow, Impossibility - The Limits of Science and the Science of Limits:

From Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation: The Definitive Guide to the Evolutionary Biology of Sex by Olivia Judson (Chatto & Windus, 2002):

From Longitude by Dava Sobel:

From The Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges:

From Dreams of a Final Theory by Steven Weinberg (Hutchinson, 1993; page numbers are given for the standard hardcover / large-print editions):

From The Story of Rats by Samuel Anthony Barnett (Allen & Unwin, 2001):

From Science: Myth or Magic? by Samuel Anthony Barnett (Allen & Unwin, 2000):

From Parasite Rex by Carl Zimmer (The Free Press, 2000):

From A Guide to the End of the World: Everything You Never Wanted to Know, by Bill McGuire (Oxford University Press, 2002):

From Facing Up: Science and Its Cultural Adversaries by Steven Weinberg (Harvard University Press, 2001):

From Relativity : The Special and the General Theory by Albert Einstein (Harvard University Press, 2001):

From Small Wonders: How Microbes Rule Our World by Idan Ben-Barak (Scribe, Australia, 2008):

From Free Radicals - The Secret Anarchy of Science by Michael Brooks (ISBN 9781846684050, Profile Books, 2011):

From The Strangest Man: The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac by Graham Farmelo (Faber and Faber, London, 2010, ISBN 9780571222865):

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