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Maths Humour

Fred's Stuff

Some notes on:

Some puzzles:

Assorted proofs:

Some notes on MINSE



Bizarre Maths

-To the tune of "Octopus's Garden":

Don't want to be / Where geometry
Has gone on holiday / At the beach

Sanity demands / Creatures with hands
Not a million tentacles / On a leech!

From Cthulhu's Garden in Cosma Shalizi's Cthulhu songbook.

Online books / tutorials

Geometric Art/Sculpture

Misc Links


Dianne Xu has written the best exposition I've seen of the Classification Theorem for Compact Surface. [classification.ps] [classification.pdf]

The Topology Q+A Board message board (Formerly known as 'Ask a Topologist') is hosted by The Topology Atlas

Topology Without Tears, by Sydney A. Morris

One of my favourite texts is "Topology via Logic" [Cambridge University Press], by Stephen J Vickers which looks at non-Hausdorf topologies and their applications to computer science (well, logic in general). Another paper by the same author also related to computer science is Geometric Logic in Computer Science


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