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Postscript / PDF readers

- Recent versions of Ghostscript/Ghostview are fairly easy to set up. For old klunky versions, see Installing Ghostscript / Ghostview  for Win32 - a guide by Nelson Beebe.

Aladdin Ghostscript v6.0 includes gsprint.exe - a program which allows twoup printing (two pages per physical page).

- Acrobat File Reader from Adobe
[f2.org copy of Acrobat Reader 5.1 - English for Windows 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, and XP (8.5 Mbyte)]
Djvu Viewers- WinDjView and MacDjView lets you view DjVu documents under windows / mac.

[f2.org copy of WinDjView 0.5 for WinXP (508 Kbyte) -- see website for Win98 version]

Save the .exe file to some convenient directory and run it.
Next, choose File | Settings, click on the Associations tab and check the checkbox to associate the program with .djvu files.
Now the viewer will run whenever you click on a .djvu document file.

PDF Generators- PrimoPDF lets you generate PDF documents from any windows application by 'printing' to the PrimoPDF printer driver. Lots of optimisation features.

[f2.org copy of PrimoPDF for Win98/ME/NT/Vista (14 Mbyte)]

HTML to Postscripthtml2ps is a perl-script which converts HTML to postscript. There are options to print multiple pages per physical page, number pages etc.
MS Word
- Microsoft has free Word Viewers which (surprise!) allow you to view MS Word documents. The viewers don't run macros, so they're MS-virus-free!
[f2.org copy of Word 97/2000 Viewer for Windows 95/98/NT (3.8 Mbyte)]
MS PowerPoint
- Microsoft has a free PowerPoint Viewer.
[f2.org copy of PowerPoint 97/2000/2002 Viewer for Windows 95/98/2K/NT (2.8 Mbyte)]
Word processing- OpenOffice is a free open-source office suite for Windows/Linux/Solaris, based on Sun's StarOffice 6.0 code. NB! Downloads are around 80 Mbyte.
- Star Office from Sun Computers is a free alternative to MS Office products. Also runs under Linux.

Note: [2003-01-31] Sun no longer supports Star Office 5.2. It's successor, Star Office 6.0, is not free for personal use. Old versions of Star Office 5.2 can be found on the net under the filenames

  • so-5_2-ga-bin-windows-en.exe (Windows),
  • so-5_2-ga-bin-linux-en.bin (Linux),
  • so-5_2-ga-bin-solsparc-en.bin (Solaris)
The FTP site ftp://ftp.curtin.edu.au/pub/StarOffice/ has the files. NB! Downloads are around 80 Mbyte.
- AbiWord from AbiSource is another free word processing system
Print graph / music paper- The site http://incompetech.com/graphpaper/ offers web pages that will generate PDFs for graph paper, music paper etc to your specifications. Caters for US & metric paper sizes.

Another page, http://www.printerinks.com/graph-paper-and-more-fun-printable-stuff.html, links the graphpaper / music-paper site above, plus some other resources (blank maps for colouring in, customisable calendars etc). WARNING: this page won't display anything at all unless javascript is enabled, and the linked pages are displayed in pop-up windows which hide the real destination site.

I used to have carry a link to Win32 software by Dr Philippe Marquis (http://perso.easynet.fr/~philimar/graphpapeng.htm), but more recent versions of the software were shareware, not freeware, and attempts to view that page have been timing out recently.

PalmDoc Ebook reader- DocReader by Mike Pickering lets you read PDB (PalmDoc Ebook format) documents and convert them to text.
[f2.org copy of DocReader 0.69 (257 Kbyte)]

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