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Font Editor- FontForge lets you edit / convert fonts. WARNING: The Win32 port of FontForge requires the installation of CygWin with X-windows (about 80Mb) and effectively runs under X-Windows on your windows desktop. The installation and non-native look-and-feel of this application may scare off some windows users :-).
Font Viewer- X-Fonter lets you preview fonts. Handles unicode fonts, but doesn't seem to handle pasting unicode characters into the preview panel.
[f2.org copy of X-fonter 4.5 freeware version (902 Kbyte)]
- FontsOnCD by Denis J. Rakita is a tiny but friendly font-viewing utility that lets you view both installed and uninstalled fonts.
[f2.org copy of FontsOnCd v0.9b (11 Kbyte)]
- Opcion is a free font viewer written in Java that allows you to view both installed and uninstalled TrueType fonts on Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac. Requires Java.
[f2.org copy of Opcion 1.1.1 (684 Kbyte)]
TrueType Viewer lets you preview fonts and debug truetype fonts.
- FontPage lets you preview fonts. Requires Visual Basic Runtime libraries. [683 kbyte]

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