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Anagrams, word lists, word searches ...- LeXpert - "LeXpert is a software program designed to assist word game enthusiasts in expanding their knowledge of words. It offers more than 3500 word lists and different ways of viewing these lists. Customized lists can be created based on patterns, cryptograms, anagrams, number of vowels, etc."
- WordWeb is a dictionary & thesaurus [4.3 mbyte]
Hieroglyphics- Hieroglyphics Tutor by John Spracklin.

[Note: Aug 2002] John Spracklin's pages at www.geko.net.au/~sprack/ disappeared sometime around July 2001.

[Note: 14 Nov 2002] An extant homepage for John Spracklin turned up during a search for old copies of his geko pages on web.archive.org. These pages don't seem to carry any Hieroglyphic Tutor downloads. Currently attempting to contact author.

- Hieroglyph Library. The registration code BAD-513A displayed on their web page is invisible using Netscape.
[f2.org copy of hiero04.zip (1.2 Mbyte)]
- TypingMaster Games is a free package of three challenging typing games, which have been designed for typists to improve their typing speed and reactivity as well as cut down on errors.
[f2.org copy of Typing Master Games v6.21 (1.9 Mbyte)]
typingsoft.com has a list of shareware and freeware typing programs
MusicHappy Note have a number of free games for learning music
Arithmetic- Alan's Math and - Alan's Fractions. Requires Visual Basic 6 Runtime
JapaneseKanjiBrowze by MindDate Software [279 kbyte, requires dictionary/font files -see links on download page]
Oliver Thill has some freeware programs for leaning various alphabets:
FrenchFrench in a Box by Benoît G. Philippon is a program to train your French oral/aural skills.

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