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- Science / Maths Freeware

Symbolic Maths- MuPad is a symbolic algebra package with free single-user licences available for non-commercial educational use.
Scilab is a free Matlab / Maple level scientific software package [Dirlect link to Scilab26.exe (10 mbyte)]
- Maxima is a sophisticated, open-source computer algebra system.
- Search for (extraterrestrial) aliens with the SETI-At-Home program - your computer analyses chunks of data from a radio telescope for patterns. Runs as a screensaver or application.

Maths Typesetting

- MikTex - PC-based version of LaTeX
Claus Hentschel has a Windows NT/9x port of Lynx, a (more or less) WYSIWYG LaTeX editor.
LaTeX2HTML - Perl program for generating HTML pages from a LaTeX document. Luis Seidel Gómez de Quero's guide to Installing LaTeX2HTML with MiKTex on windows.
Philip Viton's Win32 port of Hevea, a LaTeX-to-HTML converter which uses the Symbol font instead of inline images.
Print graph / music paper- Graph Paper Printer by Dr Philippe Marquis lets you print plain grids, graph paper (some lines drawn heavier than others), polar grids, music sheets etc.
[f2.org copy of Graph Paper Printer 3.31 (freeware) (355 Kbyte)]

Note: More recent versions of Graph Paper Printer are shareware.

Data Plotting

- Graphmatica - equation plotter with numerical and calculus features
- KY-Plot by Koichi Yoshioka.
- GnuPlot - command-line plotting program. The documentation is bare-bones, so it's not for the faint-hearted. Available as a cygwin binary for win32, MS-Dos, Linux, Solaris etc. Short user guide (postscript format) is available. [f2.org copy of GnuPlot 3.7 for win32 (741 Kbyte)] [f2.org copy of user guide (79 Kbyte)]
Diagram Drawing- Graphviz is a suite of programs to draw graphs (in the mathematical sense of a bunch of nodes connected by lines). Available for many platforms including Linux & Win32
Calculator- Calc98 Version 4.5 from Flow Simulation is a nice scientific calculator - includes ability to do matrix operations [f2.org copy of calc98 version 4.5 (218 Kbyte)]
RC Calculators from RC Software combines a standard scientific calculator with handy date / time / height / weight conversions. NB! Win9x only
Units Conversion- Convert by Joshua Maddison : Convert is an easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions! [f2.org copy (168 Kbyte)]
- ESB Unit Conversion Utility from ESB Consultancy [Direct link to esbunitconv.zip (500 Kbyte)]

Fractal Drawing Programs

FractInt (DOS and Windows versions)
Fractal Magic by James Crisp - small, easy to use, click-to-zoom. No zoom out capability, though.
Web pages on fractals:
Drawing Programs
- KnotPlot Homepage & Download Page. KnotPlot comes as a core distribution [~2 Mbyte zipped] and platform-specific binaries [~250 Kbyte for windows]. KnotPlot requires the SGI GLUT (OpenGL Utility Toolkit) DLLs for windows. If the link on the KnotPlot download page isn't working, you can try this GLUT page or download f2.org copy of glut-3.7.6-bin.zip [120 Kbyte zipped]

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