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-Drawing packageSmartDraw is an excellent program for drawing diagrams USD$49 to register (Jul 1999)
30 day trial

Net Tools

Web Browser- Opera is small (quick to load) alternative to cumbersome
juggernauts like Netscape and MS Internet Explorer
USD$35 to register (Mar 1999)
50% educational discount
30 day trial
Network ConfigurationNetswitcher is a useful utility for PCs which change networks frequently, e.g. laptops.USD$8 to buy (Jan 2000)
Nelda Nockbladder's Anatomy Lesson
- Nelda Nockbladder, described by some as "Brave!" and by others as "Iffy." Despite her mild appearance, she can spit red hot flaming custard, and her aim is true.
USD$10 to register; registered users receive tips file and screensaver.
Role Playing- Exile - Escape From The Pit from Spiderweb Software is reminiscent of the Ultima series of games. The unregistered version of the game is very large and is limited only by a chasm on the map which you cannot cross until you register. Highly recommended. Quotes from characters in the gameShareware
USD$25 to register (Oct 2001)

Image Optimization

gcdemea3.zipUSD$50 to purchase (Sept 1999)

Music Editor

- Noteworthy Composer lets you to create, record, edit, print, and play back your own musical scores.US$39 (July 2000)

File transfer 

- Star Gate (note that space!) by Kevin Raner Software lets you transfer files between PCs and/or Macs using a serial/parallel cableShareware
AU$35 to register (Sept 1999)

Sound Utilities

Total Recorder from High Criteria lets you capture any sounds which are played through your sound card.
NB - Win95 and Win98 ONLY
US$11.95 to register (Oct 1999)
- AudioJacker is a similar, free utility for WinNT

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