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- Startup Manager by Brad Stowers

Startup Manager by Brad Stowers enables & disables auto-start programs in the the startup folders, registry & WIN.INI file.

[Note: 2003-05-21 The CubLea review of Startup Manager (http://www.cublea.net/software/effess/startman.html) is sadly defunct]

[Note: Oct 2001] Old homepage is now defunct: http://www.pobox.com/~bstowers/delphi/
An extant home-page -- with broken freeware links: http://members.aye.net/~bstowers/

[Note: Jan 2002] Old link to .EXE is now defunct: http://www.delphifreestuff.com/cgi-bin/dfs_components2.cgi?fw_startupmanager

[Note: Jan 2003] Unable to locate new home pages for author; created this archive page

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