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Key To Quality:
Fred's pick:= A program that I wouldn't be without
Best of bunch:= Best of a bunch
Dud:= Not worth the frustration

Email Client

- Mutt is a text-based email client with Win32 versions
- Pegasus Mail
- Pine is another text-based email client with Win32 versions

File Downloading

Fred's pick: - Reget is an excellent download program capable of resuming broken downloads.
- The people from Streaming Download Project have a download program which allows capture of streaming protocols including mms, mmst and mmsu [f2.org copy of SDP Downloader 2.0.0 (2.8 Mbyte)]

File Transfer

Fred's pick: - WinSCP is a good SCP client [f2.org copy of WinSCP 3.5.6 (1.3 Mbyte)]
Fred's pick: - FileZilla is an excellent FTP program which supports secure-FTP (SFTP).
[f2.org copy of FileZilla 2.2.5 (4.0 Mbyte)]
- WS_FTP LE is a very usable but hard-to-find freeware FTP program; will transfer files & directories in bulk. NB - licenced for non-business use only.
[f2.org copy of WS_FTP LE 5.08 (691 Kbyte)] search for other locations
- SmartFTP is a nice FTP program with an explorer-like drag-and-drop interface; handy for uploading or downloading directories in bulk.
Synchronise PC Clock- Dimension 4 from ThinkMan will synchronise your PC's clock from an accurate source over the net. Approx 300 Kbyte download.

Web Browser /
HTML Editor

Fred's pick:- Firefox is a successor to Mozilla, but doesn't have such built-in features as Mozilla's HTML editor

Some handy firefox plugins:

- Mozilla is a an open-source web browser, designed for standards-compliance, performance and portability.

Update 2006-01-30: The Mozilla browser/editor is continuing development under the project name SeaMonkey

Fred's pick:- AOL Press is the best free  WYSIWYG HTML editor I've seen, despite the fact that it is HTML 3-based. The AOL Press web site no longer exists, but the files are still around on various FTP sites.
[f2.org copy of the install file (3.4 mbyte) and PDF documentation (5.3 mbyte)].
- Amaya is a free WYSIWYG HTML browsing editor - includes source code! Produced by WC3, Amaya supports the proposed MathML markup language.
- Old versions of Netscape can be found at http://www.cantech.net.au/ftp/windows/browsers/netscape/ and the Netscape Software Archive.
- Old versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer may be found at www.oldversion.com -- currently (2003-01-20) versions 1.0, 2.0, 3.02 (Win95 & WinNT versions).

Another site has a stand-alone (installs without a net connection) version of IE5.5

- Lynx is a text-based WWW browser (why you might want to use Lynx) For win32 ports, check out www.fdisk.com/doslynx/lynxport.htm
[f2.org copy of Lynx2.8.1 for win32 (626 Kbyte)]
- SocksCap is a win16 / win32 utility allowing applications to tunnel through a SOCKS firewall.
- MyNetMon from Turkish Security Network is a network monitoring tool for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
[f2.org copy of mynetmon.zip version (1.4 Mbyte)]

Note: MyNetMon requires the WinPcap library
[f2.org copy of winpcap-3-1-beta4 (474 Kbyte)]

Firewall- Recent versions of Tiny Personal Firewall Tiny Software are no longer free.

The latest freeware version I can locate is Tiny Personal Firewall version 2.0.15 (1.4 Mbyte). The interface is a bit unfriendly unless you know a bit about packets and ports.

- ZoneAlarm 2.6 is free for personal and non-profit use (excluding governmental entities and educational institutions)
- Sygate Personal Firewall is free for personal use. Win98/ME/2000/XP
See www.spychecker.com for other windows firewall solutions (some free, some not).
HTML Compiler- EBook HTML compiler from Software Design compiles HTML files, images etc into a stand-alone .EXE file. Free for non-commercial use. NB! [Dec 2000] EBook is now shareware; while fully functional the unregistered compiled books bear a "Not For Distribution" caption and are subject to a time limit.
X-Windows Emulation- Mi/x from MicroImages is an X11R5 server. NB! [Jan 2000] - Mi/x is no longer freeware for Windows - 15 day free trial and then US$25 to buy. Still free for the Macintosh. The Mi/x FAQ
Remote control- VNC from AT&T Labs (UK) lets you view desktops across networks, like a free version of PcAnyhwere. VNC is platform independent (Solaris, Linux, OSF/1, Win32, Mac).

Telnet / SSH

- PuTTY is a free Win32 Telnet/SSH client.
[f2.org copy of putty-0.53b-installer.exe (1.1 Mbyte)]
[f2.org copy of putty-0.53b.exe (348 Kbyte)]
- TeraTerm Pro is a terminal emulator which has an SSH (Secure SHell) plugin
[f2.org copy of ttermp23.zip (922 Kbyte)]
[f2.org copy of ttssh154.zip (266 Kbyte)]
- Kinsole is a pleasant replacement for the piece of poo called 'telnet' that comes with Windows
[f2.org copy of kinsole.exe (97 Kbyte)]
WWW Link Verifyer- Xenu's Link Sleuth by Tilman Hausherr verifies internal/external links from a web site; can check files on a local machine; handy to keep your links up-to-date; does not check validity of page anchors. [f2.org copy (200 Kbyte)]
WWW Server- Apache WWW Server - Apache bug database. The Win32 versions of Apache require a recent of the Microsoft Windows Installer
Web Ad RemovalJunkBusters & Guidescope have HTTP proxys which filter out ads from WWW pages
Bookmarklets for Zapping Annoyances - add a button to your browser's task bar to remove images, plugins, blinking text etc from web pages. Works with Firefox, and to a limited extent with Internet Explorer, Opera and Netscape.
Sypware Removal- Ad-Aware is a free program that removes spyware installed by unscrupulous net applications and browser plugins.
- SpyBot is another free program that removes spyware. Win98/ME/2000/XP.
[SpyBot version 1.2 (3.6 Mbyte)]
- CWShredder is a free program that removes the CoolWebSearch spyware.
See www.spychecker.com for more spyware solutions for windows (some free, some not)

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